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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Feeling a whole lot better.

Now that I am feeling better I made scones for me and my friend Jean who is visiting with hubby Roger from Ontario. I put cranberries in them. Delicious.

Look how flakey they are.

I cleaned off my hutch. It looks better.  I put our photo in a white frame. I like it. What do you think.

I now have two tumblers working some rocks that we got from Cape Enrage and they will be done in a few weeks. I will show you when they are done.

Here are my visitors and hubby. Jean is looking at some of the rocks I have already done.

This is a little gift JEAN  brought me. I love it. It is so true.
 How do you like my little bird.
 This is what I am stitching now.

 I am in no hurry to get it done, just taking my time.

Jasmine was helping me get the fly out of the window.

My teddy is guarding all my sea glass. 
I have managed to walk up the road pass my neighbors house to the top of a small hill. I was going to add a photo to show you but it is raining today so will have to show another time. I am proud of myself for doing so. I will try to do that three times a week and then maybe alittle farther.

I go to see Doctor Macdonald on Tuesday to see when I can get my shoulder operated on. My right shoulder has healed nicely and it dosenot hurt anymore. Just a line on my skin to show something is there. I dont even feel the pacemaker under my skin. But it sure has made a difference in my life. I wish they could have found this out two or three years ago. But it is done now and I should just look to the future and better days ahead. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Big hugs to all. Bye for now.